I provide consultancy, workshops, training and public engagement in digital technologies and digital media, specialising in mobile.

I have developed apps and services for smart and playful cities, the internet of things, interactive spaces, groups and crowds of people.

Workshop on Pervasive Media

Workshop on Pervasive Media, Guangzhou, China, April 2017

I successfully completed a global video project in which I engaged young people in 12 countries about human rights via Instagram.

I have worked with a wide range of clients including large and small corporations, arts establishments and artists, IP legal firms and the British Council. Based at the Pervasive Media Studio, I deal on an everyday basis with people from the arts and creative industries. I am an internationally known expert in distributed systems, mobile computing, pervasive computing and urban computing, with over two decades of in-depth knowledge of software for computer systems, applications, user interfaces and security.

I pride myself on being able to communicate about these technologies in a way that is suited to the knowledge, language and context of my clients.

The technologies I have developed encompass mobile, pervasive computing, web front-end and cloud. They include: mobile apps (Android & iOS), synchronised multi-screen display and multi-camera capture, Near Field Communication (NFC), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), QR codes (2D barcodes), Wireless communications including Bluetooth and WiFi, location technologies, sensors, Arduino, mobile and PC operating systems, cloud technologies, Java and web front-end technologies, social media APIs (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), image processing.

Analysis and troubleshooting

I carry out in-depth research into technologies and their applications, business impact and market potential. For example, I conducted research into QR (2D barcode) technologies for a company in the upper echelons of the Fortune 500, providing a technology landscape and a competitive analysis of capabilities and paths forward, not only for barcodes but also alternatives such as Near Field Communication (NFC).

Patent Expert

I act as an expert consultant regarding patent infringement, patent validity, and background research. I am available as an expert witness.

Workshop organiser

Workshop on Pervasive Media, Guangzhou, China, April 2017

Workshop on Pervasive Media, Guangzhou, China, April 2017

I am an experienced workshop leader, lecturer and facilitator. In my capacity as senior lecturer at Queen Mary, London, and senior researcher at HP Labs, I organised many workshops on technical topics. I have organised workshops with film makers and other creatives in Bristol and China. I recently taught software development at South China University of Technology.

I am committed to knowledge exchange, and organised a workshop on the digital moving image for the British Council in Nairobi.

User Experience

I study the human use and experience of technology with state-of-the-art methods, from informal studies through to trials, hypothesis-testing or ethnographic investigations.

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